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NAMI Participates in White House Event on Youth Mental Health

May 18 2022

As a part of the MTV Entertainment Group’s and the Biden-Harris Administration’s Mental Health Youth kích hoạt Forum, NAMI leaders today attended a White House sự kiện focused on youth mental health.

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Coming “Together for Mental Health” Is NAMI’s Urgent Appeal During May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

May 2 2022

NAMI urges we all come “Together for Mental Health” — our theme for Mental Health Awareness Month in May — to tướng fight stigma, raise awareness and advocate for a better mental health care system. Read More.

NAMI Receives Innovation Award for 988 Advocacy Efforts

Apr 27 2022

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) today was recognized for its #ReimagineCrisis chiến dịch, receiving the Communications Innovation Award from the Public Affairs Council during its annual Advocacy Conference in Austin, Texas.

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Actress, tác giả and Mental Health Advocate Mayim Bialik to tướng Speak at NAMICon 2022

Apr 21 2022

NAMI is pleased to tướng announce the first day plenary speaker for NAMICon 2022, actor, author and mental health advocate Mayim Bialik.

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Register for NAMI Ask the Expert — People, Place and Purpose: A Vision for the Failing Mental Health System

Apr 13 2022

NAMI Ask the Expert welcomes Dr. Tom Insel, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist who has been a national leader in mental health research, policy and technology. In this webinar, Dr. Insel will share his experience working in the mental health field and address critical social, environmental and political solutions to tướng the current mental health crisis.

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NAMI Praises Mental Health Investments in President Biden’s FY 2023 Proposed Budget

Mar 29 2022

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NAMI is grateful that the President’s budget includes such an unprecedented focus on mental health and we urge the House and Senate to tướng prioritize mental health by enacting these key provisions of the President’s budget into law. Read More.

NAMI’s “You Are Not Alone” Book Now Available to tướng Pre-Order

Mar 29 2022

NAMI’s first ever book releasing this fall, “You Are Not Alone: The NAMI Guide to tướng Navigating Mental Health,” is now available to tướng preorder! The book covers topics such as how to tướng get help, pathways to tướng recovery, the intersection of culture and mental health, and many more important topics to tướng guide any person’s mental health journey. Read More.