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Title hopefuls Al Nassr became the first team this season vĩ đại score three against Al Feiha as a Talisca header and Otavio's exquisite long-range strike at the King Fahd International Stadium helped Cristiano Ronaldo's side move second in the Saudi Pro League.

Ronaldo's failure vĩ đại score for only the third league game this season became immaterial as Al Nassr eventually broke down their stubborn opponents, Talisca's effort from the edge of the penalty taking a deflection off Mukhair Al-Rashidi for an own goal vĩ đại break the deadlock five minutes into the second half.

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The Brazilian striker then powered an expert header past goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic from Alex Telles' cross, only for Hussein Al-Shuwaish vĩ đại demonstrate his own aerial ability by precisely glancing in Abdelhamid Sabiri's cross vĩ đại give the low-scoring hosts hope of a comeback and a first goal at their stadium since the opening day of the chiến dịch.

Stojkovic appeared furious with his defence for giving Portugal's Otavio space vĩ đại increase his side's advantage vĩ đại two again, but there was little arguing with the curling effort from well outside the penalty area that beat the Serbian and sealed victory for Luis Castro's players.

Al Feiha vs Al Nassr result

  1st half 2nd half Goal scorers
Al Feiha 0 1 Hussein Al-Shuwaish (67)
Al Nassr 0 3 Mukhair Al-Rashidi (51, own goal), Talisca (61), Otavio (74)

Starting lineups:

Al Feiha (4-2-3-1): Stojkovic (GK) — Al-Rashidi, Al-Khaibari, Al-Shuwaish, Al Baqawi — Ricardo, Cimirot — Nwakaeme, Sabiri, Onyekuru — Sakala.

Al Nassr (4-2-3-1): Alaqidi (GK) — Boushal, Alamri, Madu, Telles — Fofana, Ghareeb — Otavio, Talisca, Mane — Ronaldo.

Castro and his charges looked unhappy at the break, Ronaldo — who had grumbled at on-loan Fiorentina midfielder Abdelhamid Sabiri for several minutes over a perceived indiscretion — hurriedly making his way off with the scoreline goalless.

Sadio Mane, who was largely well-marshalled by eighth-placed Al Feiha before scoring a goal that was ruled offside during the second half, was also deep in conversation, while Castro had words with the officials.

Al Feiha showed why only six goals in total have been scored during their home page games this season and seemed phối vĩ đại condemn Al Nassr vĩ đại more dropped points. Once they were behind, though, they looked increasingly fragile in defence, Stojkovic making a superb save vĩ đại deny Mane from close range.

Al Nassr are four points behind Al Hilal after 11 games for both sides. They play Al-Ettifaq — managed by England and Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard — in the Round of 16 of the King Cup of Champions on Tuesday, when Al Feiha host an Al-Ittihad squad featuring Karim Benzema in the same competition.

The Sporting News followed the match live, providing updates and highlights below.

— Roshn Saudi League (@SPL_EN) October 28, 2023

Al Feiha vs Al Nassr live updates, highlights, commentary

Fulltime: Al Feiha 1-3 Al Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo was substituted during added time and watched from the bench as his side saw out the closing minutes vĩ đại secure their second win of the week!

A decent day's work from Al Nassr, closing the show against Al Feiha during the second half. They're now second in the Saudi Pro League!

88 mins: Al Feiha 1-3 Al Nassr

Al Nassr's Abdulmajeed Al-Sulaiheem is on the floor after taking an arm vĩ đại the face from Al Feiha substitute Abdulrahman Al-Safri, who is booked.

85 mins: Al Feiha 1-3 Al Nassr

Seko Fofana combines with Sadio Mane as Al Nassr enter the Al Feiha penalty area again – but not vĩ đại telling effect.

82 mins: Al Feiha 1-3 Al Nassr

Al Nassr can't make the most of the corner following the Al Feiha wall deflecting that Cristiano Ronaldo freekick behind.

The visitors are closing in on second spot in the table.

80 mins: Al Feiha 1-3 Al Nassr

A familiar feeling for Cristiano Ronaldo as he sends another freekick into the wall. The skipper barks into the air but is surely feeling less tense phàn nàn he was at the break.

77 mins: Al Feiha 1-3 Al Nassr

Goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic was furious with his teammates for their defending of that Otavio wondergoal.

Otavio was afforded plenty of space but Stojkovic's reaction is probably more reflective of his frustration at being left ví helpless by the quality of the finish.

75 mins: Al Feiha 1-3 Al Nassr

There is something extraordinary vĩ đại come in this game if that doesn't prove vĩ đại be the pick of the goals.

Portugal's Otavio picked up a pass from Abdulmajeed Al-Sulaiheem well outside the penalty area, teed himself up nicely with a touch and curled an exquisite finish past Vladimir Stojkovic, who had no chance.

An absolute humdinger.

74 mins: GOAL – Al Feiha 1-3 Al Nassr (Otavio)

Crikey. What a goal that is!

No stopping this from Otavio! 🎯#yallaRSL pic.twitter.com/5eEj6NYXo7

— Roshn Saudi League (@SPL_EN) October 28, 2023

72 mins: Al Feiha 1-2 Al Nassr

Let's take a look at that Al Feiha goal.

Short Goal by Hussain Al Shuwaish pic.twitter.com/45W2dOqW1R

— Roshn Saudi League (@SPL_EN) October 28, 2023

69 mins: Al Feiha 1-2 Al Nassr

That much-needed reply for the hosts was their first goal here since the first day of the season. Can they make it count in the remaining trăng tròn minutes or so?

67 mins: Al Feiha 1-2 Al Nassr

That was a terrific goal by Al Feiha, who caught Al Nassr napping at a set-piece.

Abdelhamid Sabiri - the subject of Cristiano Ronaldo's prolonged ire during the first half - risks irritating the striker again by curling an inviting freekick into the penalty area, meeting the run rẩy of Hussein Al-Shuwaish, who glances a header into the far corner of the net with pinpoint accuracy.

66 mins: GOAL – Al Feiha 1-2 Al Nassr (Hussein Al-Shuwaish)

Al Feiha deservedly pull a goal back!

63 mins: Al Feiha 0-2 Al Nassr

Al Nassr are denied a third by an excellent save from home page goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic!

Sadio Mane meets a cross from the left with an instinctive strike. Stojkovic gets his body toàn thân in front of it, makes himself big and blocks it away with his upper body toàn thân. A reflex save that stops this game from likely being out of Al Feiha's reach.

61 mins: Al Feiha 0-2 Al Nassr

That's an expert finish from Talisca. Alex Telles lifts a cross in from outside the penalty area on the left, and the Brazilian rises vĩ đại power in a near-unstoppable header.

Only six goals in total have been scored in the six previous games at this stadium this season. Al Feiha now have vĩ đại score at least two in under 30 minutes of normal time, if they're vĩ đại secure a positive result.

🕺 @talisca_aa celebrates helping put Al Nassr ahead vs. Al Fayha! 🇧🇷#yallaRSL pic.twitter.com/IjQmPEpu4t

— Roshn Saudi League (@SPL_EN) October 28, 2023

60 mins: GOAL – Al Feiha 0-2 Al Nassr (Talisca)

Now Talisca definitely has a goal!

🇧🇷 @AT13Oficial ➡️ @talisca_aa 🇧🇷@AlNassrFC_EN Brazilian connection at its best 🤝#yallaRSL pic.twitter.com/cs58WF3hxD

— Roshn Saudi League (@SPL_EN) October 28, 2023

57 mins: Al Feiha 0-1 Al Nassr

Sadio Mane rifles the ball into the net from inside the penalty area but an offside flag is up.

Al Nassr look more comfortable phàn nàn they did for most of the first half, although Al Feiha are clearly still a threat on the break.

54 mins: Al Feiha 0-1 Al Nassr

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures from before that first goal went in.

▶️ || 2nd half kickoff,@AlNassrFC 0:0 #AlFayha#AlNassrAlFayha | #yallaRSL pic.twitter.com/76CdK72KdV

— AlNassr FC (@AlNassrFC_EN) October 28, 2023

51 mins: Al Feiha 0-1 Al Nassr

This looks very much lượt thích an own-goal from Mukhair Al-Rashidi, actually, but it's still a slick move from Al Nassr worthy of breaking the deadlock.

Cristiano Ronaldo receives the ball inside the penalty area with his back vĩ đại goal and angles a first-time pass with the inside of a foot into the path of the prolific Talisca on the edge of the box, who curls his finish beyond Vladimir Stojkovic's dive.

Replays show the shot was going wide but took a deflection off Al-Rashidi. Al Nassr won't mind that as they go ahead against stubborn opponents!

50 mins: GOAL – Al Feiha 0-1 Al Nassr (Talisca)

Silky goal!

49 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo leaps with typical athleticism vĩ đại meet Alex Telles' cross from the left, but can only glance his header wide of the far post.

48 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Good chance for Al Feiha! The hosts move play across the edge of the penalty area, allowing Anthony Nwakaeme a không tính phí shot on goal from the edge of the box on the left.

The winger doesn't get a clean tương tác on it, hitting the side netting. He'll feel he could have done better.

46 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

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Al Feiha re-emerge first, while Al Nassr take a relatively long time vĩ đại have a full team on the pitch. Cristiano Ronaldo and one of his attacking accomplices, Talisca, are among the first out and having a chat.

Now others, including Sadio Mane, are back out.

Halftime: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Not a happy-looking Al Nassr camp at halftime. Cristiano Ronaldo hurries down the tunnel, while Luis Castro has a fair amount vĩ đại say vĩ đại the referee and Sadio Mane is in discussions with his teammates about tactics.

Al Feiha will be happy with their work, albeit grateful vĩ đại a post. 0-0 at the break!

45 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

What a chance for Anthony Nwakaeme! The left-winger has a terrific opportunity for Al Feiha, closing in on goal on the left in space.

He can only drill his low finish narrowly wide, and slaps the frame of the goal in annoyance.

44 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Al Nassr hit the post! Cristiano Ronaldo's trickery on the right unlocks the door, at the risk of a cliche, and allows Abdulrahman Ghareeb vĩ đại send in a low shot at the near post which strikes the woodwork and rolls back kindly for goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic.

43 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Sadio Mane fires a delivery across the Al Feiha penalty area from the left. It arrows harmlessly out of the box.

42 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Al Nassr win a corner, and Cristiano Ronaldo still appears vĩ đại be offering the referee a piece of his mind over that earlier incident involving Abdelhamid Sabiri.

Al Feiha clear.

40 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Is Cristiano Ronaldo showing frustration? He has a pop at Abdelhamid Sabiri, Al Feiha's midfielder on loan from Fiorentina, over a perceived indiscretion which could be an accusation that he went down theatrically.

Then Ronaldo appears vĩ đại laugh at his target, and offers a few choice words vĩ đại the referee.

38 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo has a go at goal from another tricky position - if, perhaps, not by his standards - on the left channel from distance.

It hits the wall again.

35 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Al Feiha continue vĩ đại attack aggressively when they get the chance, winning a corner on the right. Cristiano Ronaldo is still looking in pain following that problem he had a few minutes ago.

Al Nassr clear the corner. On the opposite side, in the middle of one stand, Al Nassr fans are making themselves heard. Much of the rest of the stadium looks empty.

32 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

First shot on target for Cristiano Ronaldo! The captain enters the penalty area on the left and fires in a low shot which goalkeeper Khaled Al-Rashidi is equal vĩ đại, blocking the effort away well.

Ronaldo goes over grimacing. He's up eventually, if hobbling.

29 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Fashion Sakala has arguably been more dangerous phàn nàn any player on the pitch ví far. He has a sight of goal again but can't profit.

26 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Al Feiha partially clear a cross vĩ đại Ronaldo just outside the penalty area in a central position. The five-time Ballon d'Or winner tries vĩ đại crack in a shot on the turn. It's blocked.

23 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Sadio Mane has really struggled vĩ đại get on vĩ đại passes during the first quarter of this game. Al Feiha are marking tightly and crowding the former Liverpool and Bayern Munich striker out.

20 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Fine work by the Al Feiha wall, rising in unison vĩ đại keep what looks lượt thích a fierce effort from Cristiano Ronaldo out.

19 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo has a freekick not far from the penalty area in the left channel. He takes that familiar long run-up and cheek-puff...

16 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Al Nassr have had more phàn nàn 60% of possession but are yet vĩ đại have a shot on target. They've scored at least twice in each of their last 13 matches.

13 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Better signs for Al Nassr, who are approaching the opposition penalty area with greater frequency. Talisca, who scored with a fine finish in the AFC Champions League on Tuesday, glances a header wide, meeting a cross from the left.

10 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Confirmation of that injury for Aymeric Laporte. At the other over for Al Nassr, they still haven't tested Al Feiha's backline.

Due vĩ đại some discomfort during the warm-up,
Laporte will not start the game. ⬅️
Abdullah Madu is replacing him. ➡️ https://t.co/MxV606wj9T

— AlNassr FC (@AlNassrFC_EN) October 28, 2023

7 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

There isn't a great khuyến mãi of action vĩ đại report, ví it's worth reflecting on Al Feiha's home page record: they haven't conceded more phàn nàn once on their own patch since April.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane, Talisca et al take some stopping – but their opponents today are certainly capable on the evidence of their home page size.

4 mins: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

More encouragement for Al Feiha as Fashion Sakala again tries vĩ đại break không tính phí inside the penalty area on his right flank.

One point of team news of note: Al Nassr defender Aymeric Laporte, once of Manchester City, suffered a late injury after being named on the teamsheet.

Saudi Arabia international Abdullah Madu replaced him.

1 min: Al Feiha 0-0 Al Nassr

Al Feiha are in the midst of a goal drought here but they've made a highly promising start vĩ đại trying vĩ đại change that size here.

Zambia forward Fashion Sakala burst clear inside the penalty area on the right and had a shot blocked. The hosts then gave Al Nassr more defending vĩ đại bởi with a corner on the same side.

5 mins vĩ đại kick off: Al Nassr are in their dark xanh rờn away strip today. Al Feiha have only conceded two goals here this season, giving them the joint-tightest defence in the league. Now the players emerge!

20 mins vĩ đại kick off: The significant team news for Al Nassr is that defensive midfielder Marcelo Brozovic remains out injured.

Not that it stopped them from racing into a 3-0 lead against Al Duhai on Tuesday...

40 mins vĩ đại kick off: Team news! Here's how Al Nassr start, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane part of their enviable attack again.

🗒 || Starting lineup,@AlNassrFC vs #AlFayha#AlNassrAlFayha pic.twitter.com/iIogfbwrxO

— AlNassr FC (@AlNassrFC_EN) October 28, 2023

1 hour vĩ đại kickoff: Al Nassr are unbeaten in 13 games since August 18, winning 12 of them. Three of their last four wins have only been by a goal, though, with a draw in between.

1 hour trăng tròn mins vĩ đại kickoff: Look who's here! The man considered the original Ronaldo by many is in the house...

AlNassr 💛
Home of Legends 🤩 pic.twitter.com/HptQ4A2TJu

— AlNassr FC (@AlNassrFC_EN) October 28, 2023

1 hour 40 mins vĩ đại kickoff: Al Nassr beat Al Duhail 4-3 on Tuesday, the Emirati club twice reducing the deficit vĩ đại a goal but conceding twice vĩ đại masterful Cristiano Ronaldo strikes.

More drama this afternoon?

2 hours vĩ đại kickoff: Hello and welcome vĩ đại The Sporting News' live coverage of today's Saudi Pro League game between Al Feiha and Al Nassr. After a win over Emirati opponents Al Duhail, which became nervier phàn nàn Cristiano Ronaldo's side might have hoped during the latter stages on Tuesday, Al Nassr will be hoping for a more convincing defensive performance when they return vĩ đại league action and attempt vĩ đại reduce their seven-point deficit on leaders Al Hilal.

We'll have build-up, team news and live coverage on the way!

Last training before tomorrow’s game 💛 pic.twitter.com/CKqqBBZEfH

— AlNassr FC (@AlNassrFC_EN) October 27, 2023

Al Feiha vs Al Nassr lineups & team news

Al Feiha were without left back Ghislain Konan for this game as he is ineligible vĩ đại play against Al Nassr as per the terms of his loan agreement.

Fashion Sakala and Abdelhamid Sabiri are the key standout names in attack for the home page side

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Al Feiha starting lineup (4-2-3-1): Stojkovic (GK) — Al-Rashidi, Al-Khaibari, Al-Shuwaish, Al Baqawi — Ricardo, Cimirot — Nwakaeme, Sabiri, Onyekuru — Sakala.

Al Nassr suffered a blow before kickoff when Aymeric Laporte suffered a late injury, having been named on the teamsheet in defence.

Al Nassr starting lineup (4-2-3-1): Alaqidi (GK) — Boushal, Alamri, Madu, Telles — Fofana, Ghareeb — Otavio, Talisca, Mane — Ronaldo.

Al Feiha vs Al Nassr live stream, TV channel

  TV channel Streaming
USA Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Deportes Fubo, Fox Sports GO, Fox Sports.com
Australia  — 10 Play
Canada  — DAZN
India  Sony TEN 2 Sony LIV, JioTV
New Zealand  — Shahid
Malaysia  — SPOTV2
Singapore  — SPOTV2
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